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What is the Realpolitik Right Network?

We are excited to begin introducing you to the Realpolitik Right Network.

Still in its infancy at the time of this writing, the Realpolitik Right Network is a collection of shared media and business assets, which can be rapidly and reliably deployed to meet the needs of writers, streamers, podcasters, vendors, advertisers, political projects, and other aligned interests. It is specifically geared toward mitigating deplatforming efforts, and alleviating the burdens of technological infrastructure setup and maintenance, so that these parties can focus on their goals instead of their platforms.

The Multisite Network

At its core, is the WordPress Multisite infrastructure. According to W3Techs, WordPress the most popular content management system in use today, with 43.2% of all websites utilizing the software as of 2022. WordPress usage grows at about 12% per year, and has grown from a simple blogging platform into a full featured ecosystem of addon applications, or plugins, for podcasting, e-commerce, social networking, and every other conceivable purpose.

The Realpolitik Right Network uses the WordPress Multisite function, which takes a single WordPress installation, and allows it to spawn multiple semi-independent “subsites” with just a few clicks. Each site has its own domain name, or can use a subdomain of, according to the operator’s preference. We provide SSL encryption, brute force protections, two factor authentication, caching, search engine optimization, Cloudflare integration, and other core requirements to every subsite within the network.

Using Paid Memberships Pro, and BuddyPress, member subsites have a common social networking function. A user’s login on one site grants them access to the entire network’s social features. Each subsite has access to common, and independent, chat and forum functionality.

Content producers within the network have the option of setting up restricted access to certain content within their site behind a paywall function, and membership is given extra value by the cross site access the system provides. One paywall to rule them all, which gives content producers a competitive edge over single site content paywalls.

Subscriptions to the service are purchased exclusively on the main website, which has little in the way of content of its own. Content producers are compensated through our affiliate program by referring clients with an affiliate link or promo code. When a user signs up through the affiliate link or promo code of a content producer, that customer is assigned to that content producer for the duration of their subscription, and the content producer will be paid a percentage of the recurring subscription revenue worked out according to contract.

This is a very intentional design. Controversial content producers run into problems with service providers, most notably payment providers, when their content threatens reputational harm to the service provider. RealpolitikRight is not a financial services provider. We do not “process payments for” content producers. We advertise our service as an affiliate program and pay content producers as we would any other advertiser. Indeed, one need not be a content producer to make money from the RealpolitikRight affiliate program. Anyone can refer sales to the network.

Content producers have the option, but not the obligation, of using our service to offer as a reward to those they refer, access to members only functions associated with that subscription.

Each site has the option of being deployed with WooCommerce, a full featured e-commerce application to facilitate sales of physical products, pay per view/listen/download digital product sales, and basically anything else that can be done with money, save for recurring content subscriptions, which are the sole province of the network.

For sale of their own products and services, vendors have a near infinite array of options to accept payments. Including, but by no means limited to, Cryptocurrency, Credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Skrill, to name just a few. The Realpolitik Right Network is not a bank or a financial services company, and does not provide the payment gateway. We provide software to interact with payment gateways that vendors contract with directly.

Each E-Commerce site within the network can make use of our Affiliate Program software, which allows referral commissions to those who promote the products and services of the vendor.

We use Seriously Simple Podcasting to facilitate podcast distribution, download statistics, and transcripts. RSS Feeds are stylized, and can be split into multiple categories, allowing one site to distribute several different podcasts. In combination with our membership functions, there can be a members only podcast, requiring a password or user based authentication to subscribe to certain feeds within the site.

These RSS feeds can be aggregated into one master feed, or specific feed collections. Individual episodes may be promoted across the media ecosystem, or specific content producers may enter into collaborative and cross promotional agreements according to their specific circumstances.

These are just a few of the already existing features, and a near infinite variety of features may be deployed as participants require.

Streaming Media


Complementary to the WordPress functionality, The Realpolitik Right Network offers individual and collaborative streaming media services, for both audio and video.

We have our own RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming server with secure HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) outputs in .M3U8 format, which in combination with our built in streaming player, allows content producers to live stream video content directly to their subsite. The M3U8 output can also be deployed in custom built apps, or played directly with media players such as VLC.

The RTMP server can “push” that content out to other platforms, including but not limited to, YouTube, Odysee, Rumble, DLive, VaughnTV, Trovo, and any other streaming platform that accepts an RTMP feed. In this way, producers do not need to worry about having the kind of upstream bandwidth capacity necessary to push out multiple feeds themselves. They can push one feed, and let our infrastructure take care of the rest.

Content producers may collaborate with one another to populate video streams with constant content to keep viewers engaged, and the network can carry live streams and replays on the network’s main video feeds to facilitate cross promotion.


Using Icecast, the network facilitates live audio feeds which can be embedded on member subsites with our built in audio players, or embedded in other applications be they standard media players like VLC, or custom built apps.

In addition to carrying live content, we deploy radio scheduling software, which keeps feeds populated with recorded content when producers are offline, to keep users engaged 24/7/365. These servers are lightweight and cost effective, and can be multiplied and categorized to facilitate a sliding scale of independence and cooperation among producers within the network. Audio feeds can also be access restricted, providing members only benefits to paying subscribers.

These feeds are already being distributed across major platforms like FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, and smartphone apps.

Email Marketing

Each subsite comes with Newsletter software and WP Mail SMTP pre-installed. By default, members must provide their own SMTP servers to send newsletters and transactional emails to their users, but upon agreement, our mail servers are available for responsible member use. We provide TLS encrypted connectivity, Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) records, and have relationships already existing with email providers all over the world to maximize email delivery and avoid erroneously triggering spam filters.

On and Off Platform Messaging

Users across the network can message one another through the WordPress system, and we have additionally implemented an application called Better Messages which can facilitate multi user real time messaging, voice calls, video calls, and multi user chats and video conferences.

This feature being restricted to registered members, we also offer an IRC server, and a web based IRC client which allows non-registered users to chat and can be embedded within network sites wherever the operator sees fit, for example, as a chat box next to a live video stream. Site operators can create their own channels within the IRC server, and/or embed network wide chats within their site as they see fit. Usernames and channels can be registered or temporary. IP addresses are cloaked to the public and to site operators, but to prevent abuse and facilitate access control, network administrators have access to user IP addresses, and the cloaking feature still gives each user a unique identifier based on their IP address.

We are also currently experimenting with XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), which facilitates systems like Jabber, and can work with messaging applications like Pidgin with OTR end to end encrypted communications. XMPP is standards based and can be integrated into a wide variety of purposes and applications.


The parent company of Realpolitik Right has hundreds of affiliate advertising relationships with a wide variety of different vendors. These ads can be pushed to member subsites based on contractual agreements, and member subsites can contract with one another to promote their own advertisements.

Each subsite has software available to automatically rotate banners, or insert affiliate links in contextual advertisements, provided FTC ad disclosure policies are adhered to.

A sub-affiliate marketplace is currently under development.

Branding Considerations

For the casual visitor, it is not made obvious that a member subsite is part of the Realpolitik Right network unless the subsite operator chooses to make it so. This is part of our sliding scale of cooperation and independence, chosen by each subsite operator according to their unique circumstances.

We also maintain a variety of our own single themed websites within the network to serve as magnets for the network. Content producers have the option of contributing quality content to these single themed sites, and linking back to their own network subsite as a promotional mechanism.

Since each site has its own domain, and network membership is not outwardly obvious, subsite members need not concern themselves with the behavior of other member subsites within the network. There is no more concern for reputational harm than there is if you both shared any other Internet Service Provider (ISP).

More to Come…

This ambitious project has already made very substantial advancements early in its development. In addition to the near infinite variety of functionality provided by the WordPress Multisite core, we have relationships with software developers to create custom software on the fly, and as the project begins to generate more revenue, we have every intention of making use of these relationships.

Member subsites with their own development needs can work with us to have those needs met by our developers, and custom software can be deployed network wide or to individual subsites according to operator preferences.

Among the future projects on our radar presently are;

  • Crowdfunding functionality
  • Custom Streaming Media boxes, similar to Roku or FireTV, based on the Raspberry Pi platform
  • Alexa Skills for subsites
  • Roku Channels for Subsites
  • Network wide smartphone app
  • White label apps for subsites
  • Mastodon Integration
  • Tor Accessibility
  • Video on Demand Hosting
  • AI Image Generation
  • AI Text Generation
  • Webmail
  • Telegram Bots
  • Social Media Login & Other Integrations

If it can be done with computers, it can be done with Realpolitik Right.


Be sure to join our email list, to keep apprised of future developments.



We are not currently accepting registration of new member subsites, but if you would like to be considered for one before public registration is opened, feel free to contact us.


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